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Gun Safes

Baltimore Gun Safes, Fallston, Bel Air, Harford County, Maryland, MDOur wide range of Gun Safes provide peace of mind every time you leave home, which is more important then ever today. Your guns will be secured away from the hands of children or thieves in one of our quality gun safes? Not to mention, Liberty Safes have the best fire protection in the business.


We Carry:
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   • Presidential

   • Lincoln

   • Franklin

   • Colonial

   • Centurion

   • Liberty Home



Just ask Mr. Norquist of California. His Presidential survived the San Diego wildfires too. The Presidential packs a whopping 131,000 BTUs and 2.5 HOURS at 1200 degrees. It's massive 6" door not only protects from fire but also adds our "best in class" security features, including Liberty's drill snapping ball-bearing hardplate, gear drive mechanism with slip clutch and thicker 7 gauge steel. No wonder thieves shudder when they see one. A touch of class is added with Liberty's exclusive 5-point ships wheel handle, elegent hand applied beveled edge finishes and a LIGHTED velour interior with our newly trimmed ACCESSORY DOOR PANEL make it, well, Presidential!


• The best fire protection on the market: 131,000 BTUs and more
   fireboard than any competitor with 2.5 Hour fire rating @
• The ultimate in fire protection. 5/8" layers of fire
   protection include 4 layers in the ceiling, walls and doorjambs
   with 2 layers of 1/2" and 2 layers of 5/8" in door
• The best rated fire seal is used on Presidentials. Palusol™ Heat
   Activated door seal expands and sticks to door edge protecting
   contents from damaging heat and smoke

• New GX-480 MONSTER MECH increases security with
   anti-punch and gear drive mechanism to thwart any thief. Just
  ask our Tyler, Texas customer who's PX-50 survived a 5 HOUR      onslaught and they still didn't get in
• Awarded the UL™ Residential Security Container burglary      classification
• Thicker 1.5" thick composite door with multiple layers of
  fireboard to keep out heat
• Ball bearing steel hardplate snaps drill bits defeating lock
  drill attacks
• Gear-drive bolt locking mechanism with slip clutch 5 point
  ships wheel handle thwarts break-in
• UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock guards against lock manipulation

• The ever-popular 5-point ships wheel handle is plated in
  polished black chrome or 24K gold depending upon the finish
• Rich pin-dot velour covers the full interior and
  patented 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
• Automatic on/off interior lighting illuminates the interior to
   easily view valuables and documents. Comes with Liberty's
   exclusive Easy Outlet Plug
• New for 2010--each Presidential comes with our classy pull out
   jewelry drawer to better organize valuables.
• We even include the best convection dehumidifier to help reduce
   moisture and protect valuables from damage.
• Classy styling is enhanced with Liberty's exclusive padded,
   diamond sewn, pin-dot velour door panel
• Available in three large-capacity sizes-25, 40 and 50-and in a
   variety of colors, including Marble Gloss!
• Now included as standard feature on all Presidentials ever
   popular innovation--PREMIUM ACCESSORY DOOR PANEL. Saves
   shelf space and includes quick-draw holsters for handguns, zip
   pockets for valuables and a Cool Pocket to help keep papers
   and documents protected during a fire.


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When it comes to class, the Lincoln's got it, including two prestigous awards from (North American Hunters and Preditor Extreme Gold Awards), ranking Lincoln the #1 series in America. The upgraded ball-bearing hardplate snaps drill bits. Auto on/off Interior lighting is added to all models for convenience in viewing valuables. Organize valuables with Liberty's Premium Door Panel, plus new Jewelry Drawer included FREE. The Lincoln protects valuables from fire damage with four over three layers of fireboard for a industry leading 90 MINUTE FIRE rating. It's no wonder the Lincoln survived the 2000 degree fires in San Diego. You can view Kim Crosser's story by clicking on "Liberty Safes survive the San Diego Wildfires" on our home page.


• Survivor of the San Diego wildfires
• Superior fire rating with 95,000 BTUs (12,000 more than the
   Franklin Seris) and more fireboard than the competition,
   including 90 minutes @ 1200-1400O°F
• 90 MINUTES @ 1200°F for superior fire protection
• 95,000 BTUs (9,000 more than the Franklin Series) and more
   fireboard than any of the competitors with similar ratings.
• Exceptional fire & heat protection, including 4 layers of 5/8"
   fireboard in the ceiling with another 3 layers in the walls,
   doorjambs and door
• Palusol™ Heat Activated door seal up to 7 times its size in a fire,
   sealing out heat and smoke during a fire

• DX-90 MONSTER MECH with patent-pending over-center cam
   technology. No side-punching here. VIEW MONSTER
• Awarded UL™ Residential Security Container
   burglary classification
• Lincoln Series reliable Tough Door includes larger bolts
   (1.25"), longer bolt extension (33% longer), anti-pry tabs
   (defeat prying), and NEW over-center DX-90 MONSTER
   MECH to prevent side bolt punching.
• Ball-bearing hardplate to protect the lock from drilling. We call it
   our "drill snapper!"
• Defensive barrier of up to Sixteen 1.25" diameter locking bolts
   fortify the door
• UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock guards against lock manipulation

• Factory installed CLEARVIEW INTERIOR LIGHTING with Auto
   on/off switch whenever you open the door
• Liberty PREMIUM DOOR PANEL is upgraded with dual cool
   pockets (40 & 50 size models only) and new accent trim.
   Organize your valuables on the door and free up shelf space.
   Quick-draw holsters, zip pockets and Liberty's exclusive Cool
   Pocket pouches keep papers and documents 50 degrees cooler
   than the rest of the safe during a fire. This addition makes the
   #1 selling safe that much better for fire protection.
• Liberty's Jewelry Drawer is added as a FREE UPGRADE to
   easily organize your valuables.
• Classic designed 5-point SURETIGHT handle plated in polished
   black chrome, brass or chrome (depending upon the
   exterior color)
• DEHUMIDIFIER included! Plug in with Liberty's Easy Outlet Plug
   for quick- plug and go--electricity.
• Rich pin-dot velour now on all models. Each safe is fully
   upholstered inside Liberty's 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
• Available in Liberty's three popular sizes: 25, 35 and 50
   models in a variety of multiple colors, including the
   ever-popular Marble Gloss colors


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Backed by a 1 HOUR certified fire rating at 1200 degrees and 83,000 BTU fire protection, the Franklin Series is one of the best for fire and security. Inside, Liberty's top rated 4-in-1 Flex ™ interior with upgraded PIN-DOT VELOUR gives you the ultimate in storage flexibility, including holding up to 41 long guns (50 model). Check out our exclusive Marble Gloss finishes, now available nationwide at your favorite Liberty dealer.


• Certified fire protection of 75 minutes @ 1200 F)
• 83,000 BTU fire rating (3000 more BTUs than Colonial Series
   due to thicker steel)
• Add thicker steel increases fire protection by 15 minutes
   verse Colonial
• 3 layers of 5/8" fireboard in ceiling, doorjambs and door,
   plus 2 layers in all walls
• Palusol™ Heat Activated door seal up to 7 times it size to
   help seal out heat and smoke.

• Liberty's formidable DX-90 MONSTER MECH--This revolutionary
   mechanism combines it's over-center cam with relocker to help 
   prevent side-punching better than direct drive safes.
• Awarded UL™ Residential Security Container
   burglary classification
• NEW! SURETIGHT HANDLE with slip clutch innovation to
   help protect the lock from torquingng
• 25% larger bolts, now 1.25"
• 33% longer bolt extension with anti-pry tabs. No prying here!
• Triple case hardened steel plates protect lock from drill attack
• Defensive barrier of up to FOURTEEN 1" diameter locking bolts f
   ortify the door
• UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock guards against lock manipulation

• More colors to choose from, including the hot selling
   Marble Gloss finishes
• 3-spoke handle plated in black chrome, brass or chrome
   depending upon the color of safe
• Upholstered 4-in-1 Flex™ interior holds up to 41 long guns
   (50 size)
• Available in four sizes to meet storage needs: 17, 25, 35,
   and 50 models


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Talk about a great safe for the money, the Colonial series offers 50% more fire protection than standard safe models at the same price. For 2014, Colonial safes now include 60 minutes of fire protection and 83,000 BTUs. That's typically 15 to 30 minutes more protection than the competition. Each safe is UL rated for Residential Security and Liberty's exclusive 2-piece 11 gauge body, making it much stronger against hand welds on competitor's safes. Up to 14 active 1" locking bolts and now on all four sides of the door, leaving no compromise in security. Available in three popular sizes, 23, 30 and 50 size models now come standard with Liberty's popular ECONOMY DOOR PANEL for more storage options. 23 & 30 size models available with classy marble gloss colors - each designed to fit home decors with long lasting durability.


• Certified for 60 minutes @ 1200° degrees F
• Better Fire Protection with certified 83,000 BTU fire rating
• Advanced fire & heat protection (3 layers of 5/8" fireboard in
   the ceiling, doorjambs and door, with another 2 layers in the
   walls) This is more fireboard than other competitor's safes
   with a similar fire rating.
• Palusol™ Heat Activated door seal expands up to 7 times its
   size and sealing door edge to help keep out smoke and heat

• Awarded UL™ Residential Security Container (RSC)
   burglary classification
• 11 guage 2-piece roll form body. Toughest safe on the market!
• Triple case hardened steel plates protect lock from drill attack
• Defensive barrier of Eight dual sided 1" diameter bolts
   fortify the door
• Cam-drive bolt locking mechanism with slip clutch handle
   thwarts breakin
• UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock guards against lock manipulation

• NEW! Economy door panel now standard for more door
   storage options, pistol holders and zip pockets (large zip
   pocket at the bottom is not a COOL POCKET).
• See the all new Marble Gloss colors, now available!
• 3-spoke handle plated in black chrome, brass or
   chrome (depending upon selected exterior color)
• Upholstered 3-in-1 Flex™ interior
• Available in 23 & 30 models, holding up to 25
   and 30 long guns respectively


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Liberty Home

The compact size and contemporary styling of our Liberty Home series allow it to fit in any home or office environment. Built with twice the fire protection of previous year's models, the Liberty Home Safes now defend with 1 hour of fire protection at 1200 degrees. That's 83,000 BTUs to absorb heat. Security is tough with a 3/16" plate steel door and 3-way bolt coverage. Available in textured black with 1 to 3 adjustable shelves to accommodate important papers or valuables. Liberty's Home Safes are made in China and according to Liberty's engineering specifications and designs.


• 83,000 BTU Fire Rating
• More fireboard than competitors, 60 minute 1200-1400 degrees
• 3 layers in the ceiling, 3 in walls and 2 in the door.
• Insulation includes 3 layers in the walls, ceiling
   and 2 in the door
• PPalusol™ 7X Heat Activated door seal seals door edge help
   keep out smoke and heat
• 1-3/4" overall body thickness provides a protective
   barrier against extreme heat

• Triple case hardened steel plates protect lock from drill attack
• Heavy 14-gauge pry-resistant, plate steel door protects
   safe contents
• Failsafe™ relockers secure the door against pounding or drilling
• Defensive barrier of active 1" diameter locking bolts on
   3 sides fortify the door
• Clutch-drive mechanism causes handle to slip when excessive
   force is applied

• Chrome hardware for Black
• Fully upholstered fabric interiors and adjustable shelving
• Available in three sizes to fit easily into closets or cabinets
• Up to 3 adjustable shelves to accodate your valuables
• Quick access with S&G's reliable Electronic Lock, standard
   on all models


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